Help! Should I Get a Hosted Payment Page for My Business?

I run a software company and need the ability for my clients to accept payments from members online through the software.

My friends tell me I should get a third-party hosted payment page through a gateway and merchant service provider like you to protect my clients.

What exactly is a hosted payment page? Do I really need one? What’s the real benefit?


Angela Summa’s Answer to ‘Why Have a Hosted Payment Page?’:

Thanks for your question. Any company that sells products and services on the web — or has customers that need to make one-time or recurring payments online — should have a hosted payment page. Here’s why:

The risks of your data being hacked, or otherwise compromised, is very real. Just ask Target and Home Depot.

When you work with a company like Constellation Payments, which is rated PCI Level One compliant for data security (the highest level attainable), you immediately secure your customers’ personal financial data through the most stringent PCI compliance requirements.

So What’s a Hosted Payment Page? How’s It Work?

One way to secure your transaction data, and help you achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, is to use a hosted payment page with tokenization service.

The hosted payment page is built to match the look and feel of your software or ecommerce site to provide a seamless checkout process. The payment page appears as part of your website or software. The page can be integrated within your software or website, or it can pop up in a separate window.

The real benefit is that consumers enter their payment data in the hosted payment page and their data goes directly to Constellation Payments’ secure server — your company never receives or stores the data. Having a hosted payment page limits your PCI scope, passing all credit card data to the Constellation Payments gateway.

No sensitive information ever passes through your Point of Sale software or ecommerce site. Once we authorize the transaction, the POS software or ecommerce site is updated with the approval or decline details.

Hosted Payment Pages for One-Time and Recurring Payments

We work with a lot of Point of Sale software companies that need their customers and/or members to make one-time and recurring payments through the software. Here’s an example:

Page Created for 123Signup Software …

Ann Murphy, General Manager for 123Signup software, needed a secure way for association members to make payments using the software — without 123Signup software or its customers collecting and storing any credit card information from association members.

That was made possible by working with us and using hosted payment pages. Now there’s a hosted payment page in the 123Signup software at every point where someone can make a payment or enter credit card details. Association members click a button that takes them to a secure payment page. They enter their data, then checkout.

Constellation Payments approves or declines the transaction and sends that information back to the software — without passing any credit card information. Through tokenization, 123Signup also stores tokens to be able to interact with that payment in the future for additional payments and refunds.

Hosted Payment Pages for ecommerce Sites

We work with recurring goods providers in addition to Point of Sale software providers. Just like POS software providers, recurring goods companies need a way to take payments online in the most secure way.

Page Created for Complete Nutrition Retail Store …

One example is our client, Brian Anderson, who has a nutritional supplement company with Complete Nutrition, a network of high-quality nutritional supplement retail stores.

For years, Brian had only been doing one-off sales. His customers would buy a supplement. He’d ship it.

He discovered later on that his customers wanted to get nutritional supplements every month and would pay on a recurring basis. Constellation Payments created a hosted payment page for Brian and his sales agents.

Through the hosted payment page, the sales agent has a way for a customer to sign up for a recurring nutritional supplement subscription without having to store credit card data on the website.

The hosted payment page for the Complete Nutrition retail store includes terms and conditions, a return policy, different types of products he’s offering and a place for the sales rep to put their name to receive credit.

Having hosted payment pages enables Brian to sell nutritional supplements on a recurring basis and take his business out of PCI scope.

Brian also has access to our portal to run reports where he can see who’s paid and who hasn’t before he ships his products.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a hosted payment page — the #1 being to offload your risk and limit your PCI scope while providing airtight data security for your customers.

If you’re interested in obtaining a branded hosted payment page for your website or software product, or have any questions about hosted payment pages and what Constellation Payments can do for you, please feel free to contact me at To become a channel partner, send an email to

Angela Summa oversees business development for Constellation Payments. She is responsible for working directly with Channel Partners, managing sales and directing the growth initiatives of the company. Her goal is to ensure businesses offer the highest level of payment processing security and ease of processing to customers. You can reach Angela by email at
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