Need Your Money Quicker? Standard ACH & Same Day Funding Explained

Few things are more important in business than cash flow.

That’s why it’s no surprise that one of the most common questions we get at Constellation Payments is: “Can I get my funding quicker?”

The short answer is “Yes! We offer same day funding which will speed up your deposits.”

But, before making the leap to same day funding, it’s important to understand the difference between standard ACH and same day funding to ensure you make the right call for your business.

What is standard ACH funding?

When you are set up with a Constellation Payments merchant account, your funds are electronically deposited as an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction into your designated bank deposit account.

With standard ACH funding, you’re funded within 2 business days from when you submit your batch. The cut-off time for batching is 10 pm ET.

For example, if you batch on Monday by 10 pm ET, you’ll receive your funds by Wednesday.

What is same day funding?

For those that need their money quicker, we offer the convenience of same day funding.

Instead of waiting 2 days for funds to be deposited, you’ll receive your funds the same day as long as you batch by 6 am ET.

Here’s an example for context: Say you’re a fitness facility that closes at 9 pm ET Monday night and batches before 10 pm. On the standard ACH funding schedule, your funds will be deposited on Wednesday.

With same day funding, if you batch by 10 pm ET on Monday — or anytime up until 6 am ET Tuesday — you would get your funds by Tuesday. As long as you batch by 6 am that day, you will receive your funding the same day.

Other noteworthy points to consider for same day funding:

  • Same day funding does not fund on the weekends or holidays. Batches that you submit on Saturday or Sunday are funded on Monday.

  • There is a monthly fee for the convenience of same day deposits since your funds are being put into a specialized rail with the Federal Reserve to speed up the normal funding process.

  • There is a batch limit of $25,000 with same day funding.

  • Same day funding is currently not available for all Canadian merchants. Merchants in Canada that bank with one of the following banks, and submit their batches by 6 am ET, can receive same day funding at no additional cost: Bank of Montreal, National Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion.
Which funding schedule is right for you?

Of course, accelerating your funding to same day gives you more capital to work with — enabling you to purchase inventory, meet payroll, and make payments on bills and loans more readily.

Consider your business type, its own expenditures, and its unique needs to determine which schedule is right for you. And, if you need some assistance, we are here, as always, to help. Give us a call at 888.244.2160.

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