The Subscription Revolution: What You Need to Know

The winds of change are working their magic across the consumer and corporate marketplaces. The digital economy is growing exponentially, and with it, the popularity of the subscription-based business model.

As companies and the industries they function in mature, the adoption of innovations in pricing and packaging become increasingly necessary. With it, comes the opportunity to build value in customer relationships. Without it, one’s company risks being lost in an increasingly-crowded marketplace.
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How to Reduce Churn and Increase Your Bottom Line [Infographic]

If you have a subscription or recurring revenue business, you need to understand churn. Why? Understanding it, and how to lower it, can exponentially increase your business’ revenue.

Use this infographic as your quick guide to proactive churn management – and get on your way to a better bottom line and predictable cash flow.


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7 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Offering Recurring Billing to Your Clients

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Subscription Billing Solutions: Reduce “Churn”, Raise Revenue

If you have a business that involves a recurring or subscription billing arrangement between you and your customer, you need to understand churn.

Churn is the number of customers or subscribers that end their recurring relationship with your company. If you’ve ever cancelled a magazine subscription, you’ve contributed to that company’s churn.

Churn is an inevitable part of a subscription model. Understanding churn, and the ability to master it, can make a huge impact on the bottom line of your business.
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Self-Service Portals Should Be a Given

It’s over. Finished. The ship has sailed. There was a time when to book a flight or reserve a table you called and spoke with a person. One of the most clear indications that the self-service economy is here to stay is the recent purchase of OpenTable by

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