Partner Resource Center

Partner Resource Center

All the tools, resources, and support you need for ongoing success.

Together, we can provide a complete business management solution.

Use the the following brand guidelines, content suggestions, and marketing resources to
successfully promote and sell merchant processing with your software.

Getting Started Guide

Set your partnership up for success! Start here to learn more about Constellation Payments, its mission, brand guidelines, and access to customer reviews and resources.

Download Guide

Marketing Checklist

Make sure all your boxes are checked to successfully market and sell merchant services.

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Promotional Toolkit

Email Messaging

Use this sample email messaging to promote your integration and generate merchant processing leads.

Press Release Template

Promote your partnership with Constellation Payments by issuing a press release.

Grab-and-Go Messaging

Copy and paste these messages into your communication channels like emails, newsletters, social media, and blog posts.


The full color logo should be used to represent the company in all brand communications. 

Product Training

Town Hall Call: Version 7.2 + Q&A

Town Hall Call: