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Powering Payments for Member Solutions Clients

Making payments simple, so you can focus on creating exceptional member experiences.

Delivering exceptional member experiences. Making a difference in your community. Crushing business goals. 

Member Solutions has partnered with Constellation Payments to make payments simple, reliable, and secure — so you can focus your time, energy, and talent on what matters most. 

Time-Saving Integration & Automation

Say goodbye to re-entering card data into another system; hello to more time for what matters most.

Member Solutions software integrates seamlessly with the Constellation Payments' gateway to save you time — and improve efficiency.

Competitive Processing Rates

Simple, competitive pricing allows you to yield substantial net savings — and keep processing from eating up your bottom line.

Whether you're taking a payment for sparring gear, private lessons, an introductory offer for martial arts classes, or an ongoing membership, you're sure to save.

Comprehensive PCI Compliance & Protection Program

As a Constellation Payments customer, you'll receive hands-on guidance to secure your payment environment and maintain compliance. The PCI Compliance & Protection Program includes:

• Assistance through your annual renewal
• Local device scan support
• Scan schedule management
• File integrity monitoring
• And more!

Simple Statements

Charts and graphs provide a quick visual read of monthly fees and volume trend. Helpful tables break down transactions. Through the online payments portal, you can gain greater details on deposits, fees, batches, and transactions by clicking on any value.

Also included in your account:

  • By-your-side support for the life of your account
  • Online case management tools  
  • Funding alerts sent by text
  • Real-time reporting tools
  • Easy-to-use customer search database
  • Chargeback alerts

Learn More

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