How Payments Are Done: The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

Hard to believe we’ll be ringing in 2016 at the end of this month. That means now is the perfect time to reflect back on this year.

In May, we launched the How Payments Are Done blog with a specific mission in mind: to keep our business partners and merchant clients updated and armed with payment strategies that work.

Throughout the past seven months, we’ve covered a broad range of topics from EMV and tokenization, to card not present (CNP) fraud and mobile commerce.

Now let’s see which of those posts got the most attention — and might just warrant printing out and keeping at your desk to refer to again and again.

Here are the top 5 — in no particular order. As always, comment below to let us know what you think — and share the posts so others get need-to-know payment tips and guidance too.

Help! Which EMV Payment Terminal Should I Use in My Business?

It’s no surprise that this, and other EMV-related articles, made it to the top posts list.

EMV — which stands for Europay, MasterCard and VISA — is a set of specifications for chip cards and the devices — such as payment terminals — that are used to accept chip card payments.

EMV went into effect on October 1st in the U.S. With it, came the merchant liability shift meaning that: merchants that aren’t using an EMV-ready terminal will be liable for fraudulent in-store transactions that happen when a chip card is presented.

This shift in liability has left many in a panic … scurrying to find an EMV-compliant terminal for their business.

Fortunately, terminal manufacturers have developed an array of high-quality, secure, EMV terminals to choose from. This article, written by Constellation Payments Business Executive, Rick Ellis, covers the different types of EMV terminals available through Constellation Payments, each terminal’s benefits and key questions to ask yourself when shopping for a terminal for your business.

EMV Merchant Liability Shift: Who Covers the Cost of Credit Card Fraud Starting October 1st?

The EMV merchant liability shift means that, under certain conditions, card issuers will no longer cover a merchant’s risk associated with transactions that result in fraud.

But what exactly are those conditions? This popular chart lays out the different possible scenarios — giving you a quick visual in determining who bears liability.

Top 5 Myths about EMV Every Merchant Should Know

It’s not uncommon for big changes to bring about confusion and misunderstanding. EMV is no exception. This popular post dispels five common myths around EMV.  This is a great article to share with any businessperson that accepts credit cards in-store for a basic understanding of EMV and its impact.


Help! Should I Get a Hosted Payment Page for My Business?

Heard of hosted payment pages but wondered what exactly they are and how they work? This post is for you.

Here Vice President of Constellation Payments, Angela Summa, provides an easy-to-understand explanation of hosted payment pages and the benefits of having one. You also get an inside look at Constellation Payments’ business partners — and how their hosted payment pages enable them to take secure ecommerce payments, one-time payments and recurring payments.

Credit Card Tokenization: Data Thieves Can’t Steal What Isn’t Theirs

You’re probably well aware of tokenization’s main benefit: its ability to secure data. Yet, there are other not-so-obvious benefits that can make a big impact on your business. In this article, Rick Ellis, spells out the lesser-known advantages of credit card tokenization and how to employ tokenization in your business.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed the How Payments Are Done blog and look forward to sharing even more valuable tips and strategies in the New Year.

What was your favorite article from 2015? Have a topic you’d like to see covered? Share it below.

Kristen Campbell is a Marketing Specialist with 
Constellation Payments, a proprietary gateway and merchant services provider with special expertise in software integration and recurring transactions.

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