4 Facts that Prove Software-Integrated Terminals are Better for Business

Why should a business use an integrated terminal provided by Constellation Payments when the same brand and model of terminal can be found online for the same – and sometimes lower – price?

It’s a legitimate question we’re often asked.

An integrated terminal provided by Constellation Payments is configured specifically to process transactions that flow through POS modules contained in larger software platforms for different verticals, like salon management software, gym management software, and government agency management software.

The key difference comes from the enhanced features and ongoing support provided by a team of IT and payment security experts. Terminals are marketed in many places for very low prices … even free! You should know too that many processors “low ball” terminal pricing and then make up the difference with higher processing fees which continue for years – therefore cancelling out the perceived up-front savings on the hardware.

But let’s get more in-depth. Let’s look specifically at the key facts, features and benefits of using a software-integrated terminal compared to an off-the-shelf, non-integrated terminal.

1. Software-Integrated Terminals Save Time

Integrated terminals are customized to work exclusively with your business management software tools. Our partners who produce that software have specifically endorsed Constellation Payments as a preferred provider of integrated payment processing.

Non-integrated terminals, on the other hand, are NOT configured to work with a specific point of sale or business management software product. That also means that there’s no point of sale data synchronization. Front desk employees will have to manually enter payment details into the terminal, and then manually enter the data into the point of sale software in order to have accurate bookkeeping.

2. Software-Integrated Terminals Deliver the Ultimate in Data Security

Off-the-shelf non-integrated terminals are only installed with the minimum required security software.

Conversely, Constellation Payments integrated terminals have been upgraded to include not only the manufacturer’s default security protocols, but also include our own proprietary code, including point-to-point (P2P) encryption and tokenization.

3. Continuous Updates Happen Automatically with Software-Integrated Terminals

With a non-integrated terminal, it’s the merchant’s responsibility to be aware of security software updates and update their terminals accordingly. Who has time for that?

With Constellation Payments’ software-integrated terminals, the terminals are periodically updated overnight to include the latest security software, including upgrades from Constellation Payments protocol, as well as manufacturer updates and patches.

4. Software-Integrated Terminals Reduce PCI Scope

Merchants that use a stand-alone, off-the-shelf, non-integrated terminal must pass rigorous PCI scope analysis by processors before being permitted to use the terminal.

Constellation Payments’ integrated terminals, on the other hand, are configured to communicate directly with the processor by a dedicated Internet connection. This means that no customer card data is passed through the POS software, which isolates a business from PCI scope and allows the terminal to be used immediately upon activation.

Let Us Help …

At Constellation Payments, we offer an array of integrated terminals to meet every budget with choice to buy or rent.

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