3 Ways to Save Money When Processing Payments

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There are certainly costs associated with processing payments, but there are also ways you can save money. Here are three:

1. Invest in a terminal.

Contrary to popular belief, renting a terminal will end up costing you more overall, rather than outright buying a terminal.

Terminals aren’t as expensive as you may think. Our terminals range from $260 to $880 depending on the features and functionality you’re looking for.

All units are part of the Ingenico family of terminals that are built to provide industry-leading performance and flexibility. Plus, the terminals, functionality and transactions have all been certified with key processors — and are EMV-ready so you can accept chip cards.

Not sure which terminal is right for your business? Check out our EMV terminal line-up here with product specs and feature summaries on each terminal. We offer a full range — from terminals with a small device footprint, to high-end interactive terminals with customization for loyalty programs and opportunities to upselling, cross-selling and promoting your brand.

2. Choose an all-in-one payment technology provider.

As you’re probably well aware, there are lots of pieces that make up the payment processing puzzle. Two pieces being the gateway and the merchant account. Most merchant service providers supply one or the other. The problem with that? Two providers means two different support teams, two implementations, two agreements, and so on.

Most all-in-one providers can consolidate costs for you — and since time is money — having all services under one roof can save you operational costs. One point of contact for gateway services, the merchant account and software-integrated solutions streamlines support, reduces operational expenses and increases overall productivity.

3. Maintain PCI compliance.

Payment processors want to make sure you keep sensitive payment data secure — even if you work with a merchant service provider like Constellation Payments. To ensure you’re compliant, you are required to complete the PCI compliance questionnaire every year. Security scans must be completed every three months depending on your merchant environment.

If you do not complete the compliance questionnaire, you will incur a steep monthly fee for the extra risk your business imposes – most times as high as a $45.00 a month fee.

There are more ways to save money when processing payments, but these particular three are lesser-known and provide a good starting point when looking to reduce your costs.

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