Step Up Employee Cybersecurity Training with These 3 Resources

We talk a lot about putting technology security controls in place to keep your payment data safe.

But did you know that the vast majority of cybersecurity incidents involve some form of human error?

That means it’s just as important to ensure your employees are properly educated and trained to protect your business from cyber crime.

Now you might be thinking: “But I’m a small business … I’m not likely a target.” Think again.

Cyber thieves know that small businesses don’t have the resources to invest heavily in cybersecurity, making small businesses at even greater risk than large businesses … all the more reason to make employee cybersecurity training a top priority.

Where to Begin?

There are many free resources available to give you a great start in building a solid cybersecurity training program. Start with these three:

1) Stop. Think. Connect. Resource Guide

The Stop. Think. Connect. Campaign is a national public awareness campaign developed to increase the understanding of cyber threats and how to be safer and more secure online. The Resource Guide is part of the initiative and provides an array of tools to get your own cybersecurity training off the ground.

When on the site, be sure to check out the Stop. Think. Connect. Small Business Page. There you’ll find over 20 resources for employee education, including flyers and tip sheets.


Powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance, is filled with resources and guidelines to help businesses develop cybersecurity and employee training plans.

Visit the Train Your Employees Page for key talking points to implement in your next employee meeting — and the Business Safe Online Resources Page for tips sheets and infographics you can make part of your training.

3) U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

The Small Business Administration is yet another site that includes a robust list of tools and resources on cybersecurity. Check out the Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips for additional talking points to incorporate into staff meetings and their Tools and Resource Page that includes a self-paced online course and a text-based version in PDF if you prefer to print the transcript.

Keep It Going …

Having trained personnel is an integral part of a solid cyber-defense plan. Make sure cybersecurity is a regular part of your employee meetings and discussions. You may find it useful to mix up your education by distributing varied educational materials through multiple outlets. For instance, you could include tips in your company newsletter every month, hang posters around your facility and leave tip sheets out in common areas.

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